The amateurs for tea tell us in secret that it is not necessary for us to buy the expensive one, but the cheap and tasty one is recommendable

There is a centuries-old record for drinking tea in Chinese history, it cannot be definitely found out when it is, but the approximate time can be sure. According to the evidence, the custom of drinking tea in many areas of the world is transmitted from China.

There are so many statements for the origin of Chinese tea drinking: dating back to the origin of tea drinking for the Chinese people, someone thought that it derived from the ancient time, someone thought that it derived from Zhou dynasty, and the others thought that it derived from Qin and Han Dynasty, Three Kingdom(Wei, Shu, Wu Dynasty), Northern and Southern Dynasty, Tang Dynasty, the main reason that caused different divergences was that there was no “Cha(Tea)” character before Tang Dynasty but only the recordation of “Tu”(A Chinese character which looks like “Cha”), until the author of The Book of Tea, Lu Yu, he decreased one stroke of “Tu” character into “Cha(Tea)” character, so that there is a statement that the tea derives from Tang Dynasty.

Dianyun double-porcelain Dahongpao oolong tea in Wuyi Mountain
It would be better to present Dianyun double-porcelain Dahongpao oolong tea leaves in Wuyi Mountain with the gift set in festivals, it both has the thickness of tea and the fragrance of dried orange peel

The special tea leaves, silver needle pekoe white tea pancake
The white tea belongs to fermented tea, just like Maotai flavor liquor, it will be more valuable with longer retention period, which is of collection value

[Mingshantang] Pingyun Jinjunmei black tea
Jinjunmei was established in 2005, it was improved on the basis of the traditional handicraft of lapsang souchong black tea in Wuyi mountain, and it employed the high-end black tea with the innovative handicraft.

[Mingshantang] special autumn tea with Anxi Tieguanyin leaves
The fresh tea leaves are made through sunning, cooling, rocking, removing, kneading, drying, etc. the Tieguanyin tea is clear gold and light gold, it possesses the fragrance of green tea and flower, as well as the thickness of black tea.

Lapsang souchong black tea with special offer
The tea soup tastes clear and sweet, it is able to promote your spirit once you drink it, the tea leaves employ the independent packet to pack up with good quality and freshness, it is clean and healthy, convenient to carry with, and it is the optimal ideal product for you to present

Special first-class West Lake Longjing Tea
The West Lake Longjing Tea ranks in the first position of Chinese tenth famous teas. It is bright green with fragrant taste inside, which is famous at home and abroad with its “green color, fragrance, sweetness, gorgeous appearance”

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