Autumn tea is coming into the market, Tieguanyin is the King

Ancient people said” the spring tea is bitter, and the summer tea is acerbity; and if you want to have good taste, take the autumn one.” October is the season for the coming of autumn tea. On oct.10th, journalists found that the autumn tea, which is represented by Tieguanyin, have already come into the market inlarge scale when they walking around the tea shops in Huanan City. Because of the good weather and improved process, the autumn this year have better quality than last year. Of course, they are a little more expensive.

Market: the sales volume of Tieguanyin Increases a lot

In the morning of Oct. 20th, Journalists went to the Fulin Tea market in the downtown and found that many tea shops were already in a peak season for tea sales. The boss of Luoyan Tea shop is busy with entertaining the customers. She told the journalists that the autumn tea this year starts to come into the market in large scale during the national holiday, especially the oolong tea. And among the oolong tea, Tieguanyin makes up about 80-90%. The boss indicates that the manufacturing process of Anxi Tieguanyin is improved this year. The local government requires the handwork instead of machine work. So the production of the tea decreases and its price goes up. For the best level tea, the rough tea(the leaves only after rough process) cost 400RMB per KG. and the price of Tieguanyin of other levels also have about 15% increase.

Although the price increases, the boss introduced that the purchasing passion for the teas of Huanan customers increases too. “Taken our shop as an example, the sales volume these days is 30-35kgs Tieguanyin, increased by about 20% compared to last year. And according to our experience, the sale peak time for the tea is around the middle or late of October, and I predict that the sale volume will still increase then.”

In the other tea shops in the market, Tieguanyin is still put in the outstanding place. The sales person told the Journalists that this year, the Tieguanyin priced at 600—1000RMB per KG is the best sellers. This is the middle level with good quality. It is highly recognized by customers.” Except Tieguanyin, the sales person also introduced that with the temperature going down, Puer tea, and black teas also sell well.

Pick-up: Listen, look at the color, taste, look at the shape

Faced with all the autumn tea coming into the market, how should customers choose? Lin Haibin, the tea master, indicates that good autumn teas have four features. First, there would be a clear sound when putting them into the cup. When customers are buying, they can pick some tea and put them into the cup. If there is a clear sound, the tea is dry and good, and it should be the autumn tea. If the sound is heavy, it is probably the summer tea. The second point is that the tea is green and bright. Customers can check about the color. If the teas are picked up recently in autumn, the teas are dry and bright. The third is the smell. For example, after making the tea, Anxi Tieguanyin would have a smell like orchid. The smell is strong and the tea tastes good. Customers can identify it directly. The forth point is that the tea is soft and dent. If you take the teas that have been made for several times out to have a look, the ones that are soft and dent are the real autumn Tieguanyin. If the tea is hard and rough, it probably doesn’t have good quality.

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