Three teas, making you presbyopia younger!

Presbyopia is a normal physiological phenomenon. Someone gets it earlier while someone gets later. It is related to the person himself, as well as daily protection. The tea water contains rich Vitamin A, Vitamin B1, and carotene, which have the function of helping the eyesights, and relieving your eyes. There are plenty of anti-radiation materials in the water too, which can decrease the harm from electric radiation to eyes and protect the eyesight.

Today we will introduce three teas that can clear your eyesight. It can make you presbyopia younger, giving you a clearer world!

Cassia seed and chrysanthemum tea

Cassia seed is also called semen cassia, belonging to bean family. It is a Chinese medicine, which is good for the liver and eyes. Then it is matched with chrysanthemum, which has the function of clearing the liver and eyes, and relieving internal heat of fever. They together have better effects. Besides, the Wulong added has the function of wiping out the bad, eliminating the reactive oxygen species. It can relieve your tiredness and is anti-growing old. This tea is suitable for those who are always using their cellphones and other electronic products.

Chrysanthemum and medlar tea

Medlar has the function of nursing the liver and kidney, relieving internal heat of fever, and clearing eyesight. Red dates contain lots of Vitamin C, carotene, which are good for eyes and can increase the immunity of human body and protect liver at the same time. Huangshi is the nature product common people always eat. There is a saying goes: “have Huangshi soup frequently, protect diseases.” This tea is good for eyesight.

Medlar and Buddleja officinalis tea

Buddleja officinalis can relieve the internal heat of fever, and is good for liver and eyesight. It is usually used to treat eye tiredness and pains, too much tears of eye, liver vain and eye dark, hard in looking objects. It is matched with Medlar, which can prevent the decrease of eyesight, dry of eyes and cataract, and so on. besides, it can protect the effects brought by high electronic radiation to the visual system.

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