What are the parts for tea set? Tea set spare parts and introduction

1. Teapot

Teapot has appeared before Tang Dynasty. People in Tang dynasty call it as “Zhuzi”, which means the water comes out from the mouth of teapot. When mentioned about teapot these day, we refer the sand-fired pot. Accurately, the pot for tea can be divided into sand-fired pot, porcelain pot, glass pot, and iron pot from their materials.

2. Tea cup (cup and bowl)

The cup used for drinking tea usually doesn’t have a handle or cap. The cup for smelling is also a kind tea cup, which as its name says is used for smelling the tea.

3. Tea plate

It is used for putting the teapot, tea cup, and other props, tea pets and holders for snacks.

It can be very large or small. Its shape can be round or sector. It can have single layer or interlayer. The interlayer is used to hold the used water, which can be like a drawer or just inside. The single layer plate is connected with a plastic pipe to pour out the used water. However, a vessel is still needed under the tea table.

The materials for plate are various, and the one made of bamboo is the most elegant and refined. There are also wooden plates, including the guajicwood, rosewood, door frame and so on. there are also sand-fired plate, and porcelain plate.

4. Tea ceremony

Six gentlemen for tea ceremony: tea clip, tea spoon, tea mover, tea dropper, tea pine, and tea bottle

tea clip, used to put and wash the cups

tea spoon, used to take teas

tea mover, used to move the tea into the pot

tea dropper, put at the mouth of the pot to prevent the tea from dropping on the table

tea pine: the sand-fired pot made in the past don’t have holes and the pine can be used to keep the mouth unblocked

tea bottle, used to put tea clip, tea spoon, tea mover, tea dropper, tea pine

5. Tea stove

The equipment to boil the water. In modern time, we use the electric stoves, like the quick stove, the electrical proclaim stove, and infrared stove.

6. Covered bowls

A equipment with a cap on the top, a bowl in the middle, and a holder at the bottom

It is also called three-genius bowl or three-genius cup. The cap is the sky, the holder is the earth, and the bowl is human.

7. Cup with Cap

This kind of cup has a handle and a cap. There are two, three, and four cups as a set. Vacuum cup is also one kind of this cup. From materials, there are sand-fired, proclaim, glass, plastic, and stainless steel cups.

8. Accessories

They are for the showing of tea art and merely used in daily life. The equipment that is used little in ordinary tea drinking but you have to get them prepared are as follow: cup for public, tea towel, net frame, funnel, tea pet, tea holder, tea washer, tea bottle, burner, tea holder, pen for tea pot, Pu’er knife, pot keeper, pot holder and so on.

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