People who love teas need to pay attention that no longer drink 9 teas as they are not healthy but leading to disease!

1.corn stigma tea

Materials:10g corn stigma

Method:boil the water with corn stigma, heat the tea when drinking

Function:corn stigma is diuretic and clearing damp. Clean the damp inside of the body has good effects on losing weights for the fat. corn stigma tea tastes good with a little sweet taste. It is cheap and economic, and can be used as the healthy tea for the whole family. Those of hyperlipidemia, hypertension, hyperglycemia can have the effects of decreasing boold fat, blood pressure, and blood sugar by drinking corn stigma tea.

2. Peach flower tea for beautifying with several flavors

Materials:4g dry preach flower,5g white gourd, 3g white poplar skin

Method:put all the materials into the cup, pour in the boiled water, and cap it for 10 mins. It can be done for 4 times like this.

Function:it can digest the fat in the abdomen and wipe out the black spots in the skin

3. hawthorn, honeysuckle, and chrysanthemum tea

Materials:chrysanthemum, hawthorn, and honeysuckle 10g for each

Method:hammer the hawthorn into pieces, put all the material into water and boil them. One for each day

Function:it can wipe out the bruising and fat. It is good for the brain and eyes. As hawthorn can wipe out the bruising and fat, it can decrease the cholesterol and triglyceride if drunk for long. Honeysuckle has the function of loosing weight, especially for the fat people who is bruising. But those of cold physique or bad in his digestive system shall not take this tea for long.

Function List of 28 teas

01. Tie Guan Yin tea:except the general health care function of ordinary teas, it has the function of anti-old, anti-cancer, anti-arteriosclerosis, diabetes healing, loosing weight, and downbear fire.

02.Pu’er Tea:it has the functions: clearing heat, relieving summer heat, detoxication, helping digestion, decreasing fat, dieresis, movement, expectorant, cold relieving, cough stopping, extending life, and so on. Pu’er tea experiences the processing of making the tea immature to mature. The immature has the functions like cold relieving, and the mature one has the functions like helping dieresis, and movement.

03.Wuyi Stone tea: it contains many chemicals, caffeines, tea Polyphenois, lipopolysaccharide. They have good medical effects, and are good for heart and eyes. They also have the function of improving eyesight, strengthen spirits, thirsty relieving, relieving summer heat, and so on. They can also decrease the blood pressure, loose fat, anti-radiation, anti-cancer, and extend life.

04.Long Jin Tea:purify the blood vessel, stroke and heart attack protection.

05.Bi Luo Chun:it belongs to green tea. It has the function of anti-old, anti-bacteria, anti-cancer, loosing weight, decreasing fat, anti-decayed tooth, cleaning smell in mouth, beautifying and UA protection.

06.Yellow Mountain Mao Peak: accelerate blood circulation, decrease cholesterol, increase circulation of blood capillary, good for blood. It also helps protect from cancer in some way.

07.Mountain Lu cloud and mist Tea: decrease fat, decrease blood pressure, anti-arteryinduration, control the production of cancer cells. It is good for the stomach, teeth. It is antiphlogosis, kills bacterias, and anti-old.

08.Liu An Gua pian: it is good for the healing of heart and cardiovascular diseases, as well as for losing weight and cleaning fat in the intestinal tract. It helps clear heat and become more beautiful.

09. Jun Shan Yin Zhen: it has all the health care functions that the teas have in general. It is good for spirits and eyes, helps digestion, detoxication, diuresis, offers nutrition to people. It has the functions of killing the bacteria, anti-old, anti-oxidation, and anti-cancer.

10.Xin Yang Mao Jian:it contains rich nutrition. It is good for heart and eyes, it helps relieve heat, good for spirits, kidney, digestion.

11.Taiping Houkui: anti-radiation, decrease blood pressure, good for teeth, clean smell in mounth.

12.Qimen Black Tea:it help digest, good for appetite, dieresis. It can wipe out edema, and strengthen the function of hearts.

13.Chrysanthemum Tea: downbear fire, dieresis.

14.Rose Tea:relieve spirits. It is good for the beauty, protects the skins and liver. It can relieve tiredness, accelerate blood circuit. It can heal Chronic Gastritis and Liver.

15.Osmanthus Tea:good for kidney. It can nurse body function, protect liver and stomach. It expels toxin and is good for beauty.

16.Lavender tea: eliminate scars, relieve spirits.

17.Lin Dian:Lose weight, and keep fitness.

18.Ka Meng Mi luo:protect from getting a cold

19.Luo Shen Flower Tea:Decrease blood pressure

20.Sha Bo Li:heavy flavor. It nurse the digestion system, and refreshes one’s mind.

21.Bo Lu Mei Na:heavy flavor. It nurse the digestion system, and refreshes one’s mind.

22.Taimu Tea:help catch one’s breath

23.Jiangmu Tea:cold protection, accelerate sweat, good for kidney and stomach

24.Green Tea:diuresis

25.Barley Tea:clear damp, relieve itching

26.Lotus Seed Tea:clear damp in liver

27.India Black Tea:Decrease blood pressure

28.Yunnan Tuo Tea:lose weight and good for beauty, decrease cholesterol.

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